Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bailey's 4th Birthday...

Forgive I haven't posted in a long time... but I'm gonna try this blog thing again.

Bailey has turned 4. For her birthday we did a Disneyland theme. The Disneyland game just came out for Xbox and we wanted to theme her party around that. Since the party was gonna be family we needed a game that would keep adults entertained and that certainly did. Here are a few of my decorating ideas that I came up with.

This was my front door. I wrapped it with garland (Christmas wasn't too far away) and did the multi colored Christmas lights around as well. I printed misc. Disney characters off my computer and punched them with a circle punch and back them on colored paper punched with a scallop punch. Then all I did was taped a paper clip to the back and clipped them on the garland branched. The princesses were window clings for Dollar Tree. In the door I put a Mr. Potato Head with a bunch of Disney parts on him and Bailey's Disneyland hat. Turned out so cute!!

The wreath I did the same thing with the garland, also with multi colored battery operated lights and some curling ribbon tied in there was well.

This was the cake table. I framed vintage Disneyland ride pictures that I printed from my computer. I had those all over the house. I used a lot of Bailey's stuffed Disney characters as decor too. The bouquets were just more Disney characters I printed of the computer on a bamboo stick stuck in a soup can with floral foam in it. I just wrapped the can with scrapbook paper and stuffed some crinkle paper in.

My cupcakes were just a regular Oreo and two mini Oreos to make the Mickey heads on top.

This is the dinner table. Kept the food pretty simple. Popcorn, corn dogs, churros, M&Ms, soft pretzels, and nacho cheese. It's all stuff from the freezer section of the grocery store. Easy Peesey!

These were my steamers for in between my lights. Just a regular steamer, glued mickey faced on both side going down. Mickey faces were just made from two different size circle punches, punched from red scrapbook paper. I tied and glued a black bow on one to make it look like Minnie Mouse. I also taped some colored curling ribbon in my lights coming down for more color. So easy, and it was stuff I already had laying around the house.

Disneyland or Bust in February 2012!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

...Ni Hao Kai Lan Party continues...

... so there's more...

Our thank you goody bags were chinese take out boxes filled with Kai Lan ping pong paddle, jump robe, a chinese finger trap, a chinese yo yo, and some asian candy. The kids loved it.

For the cake I made cupcakes and put them on my infamous cupcake stand. That sucker somes out for every birthday and holiday. The picks were just images from Google back with a blue cardstock punched with scallop edges. They were than glued to toothpicks with ribbon tied in bows around it. The 3 candle came from the Dollar Tree, love that place!

We than played "Pin The Glasses On Ye Ye" The game is a free printable at NickJr.com That game actually turned out to be really fun, even some adults played... it's not so easy when you get spun around 3 times!!


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Bailey's Ni Hao Kai Lan Party!

So my little girl celebrated her third birthday asian style with a Ni Hao Kai Lan birthday party. I made a lot of the decorations and decor for her party that I would like to share...

First were the center pieces. They are just images fron Google that I copied and printed on white cardstock of Kai Lan and her friends. I backed them on red cardstock and glued them to bamoo screwers. I tied bows around the screwers and stock them in a soup can. The soup can I wrapped with the cutest asain paper I found and my scrapbook store. I think they turned out super cute and only cost me about a dollar to make.

...and what's chinese food without chopsticks. I got red ones from my local asian market for about a dollar for 6 pairs. I cut some retangles out of my scrapbook paper, added some slits, and pulled the chopsticks through. I added the three just from a scallop punch and a circle punch.

... next are these yummy fortune cookies and made. I bought the cookies and the asian market too. I dipped them in melting chocolate and added some cute sprinkles. Totally easy and totally cute!!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Thanksgiving Signs...

Thanks to www.craftlyeverafter.com I have some really super cute Thanksgiving signs for my kitchen. Just go to her site and print them off. I than purchased some frames from the Dollar Tree... they had an ugly gold trim so I spray painted them black. Added the pics, hung, and there you have it.

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My educational blocks...

So I wanted to make something fun but educational for my soon to be three year old daughter. She knows all the sounds of letters but I wanted her to start working on putting the sounds together to make words so I made her these blocks.

I decoupages all the side except for one with cute scrapbook paper. The blank side I spray painted with chalkboard paint. I did this with three blocks but you could make four or five blocks to make more difficult words.

So since the one side is chalkboard I just write letters in and make three letter words for her to sound out and put together. She's getting it little by little, but it definitely helps.

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Pottery Barn Wanna Be...

So like many others, I go through the Pottery Barn catalog with a dream of someday having enough money to own something from that book. But until than I am a "Pottery Barn Wanna Be". So I've just copied the ideas and made them my own. I loved their mercury glass pumpkins so I went out to on a mission to copy them. I got some ceramic pumpkins from Dollar Tree. I spray painted them white (base coat) and than silver. I used the cheap cans of spray paint at Wal-mart. And now I have some cute decorations for the middle of my kitchen island that I've had up since the begining of October and can keep them up till Thanksgiving. Totally cute!

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Halloween Spiders...

I know a little late on my post and a long time since I've post but something is better than nothing right?

So I had a Halloween party at my house and I wanted a quick decor for the kitchen island. So I got my cricut out of course.

I had cut out 6 purple spiders and 6 black spiders, all at 3 inches from the Doodle Charm cartridge. I glued some googly eyes (something every crafter should have in their craft drawers) and hung them from my pendant lighting with fishing line. I just taped the line to the inside of the light. I even taped some to the lamp itself for a different look, It turned out so cute. I was so proud of myself.

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