Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bailey's 4th Birthday...

Forgive I haven't posted in a long time... but I'm gonna try this blog thing again.

Bailey has turned 4. For her birthday we did a Disneyland theme. The Disneyland game just came out for Xbox and we wanted to theme her party around that. Since the party was gonna be family we needed a game that would keep adults entertained and that certainly did. Here are a few of my decorating ideas that I came up with.

This was my front door. I wrapped it with garland (Christmas wasn't too far away) and did the multi colored Christmas lights around as well. I printed misc. Disney characters off my computer and punched them with a circle punch and back them on colored paper punched with a scallop punch. Then all I did was taped a paper clip to the back and clipped them on the garland branched. The princesses were window clings for Dollar Tree. In the door I put a Mr. Potato Head with a bunch of Disney parts on him and Bailey's Disneyland hat. Turned out so cute!!

The wreath I did the same thing with the garland, also with multi colored battery operated lights and some curling ribbon tied in there was well.

This was the cake table. I framed vintage Disneyland ride pictures that I printed from my computer. I had those all over the house. I used a lot of Bailey's stuffed Disney characters as decor too. The bouquets were just more Disney characters I printed of the computer on a bamboo stick stuck in a soup can with floral foam in it. I just wrapped the can with scrapbook paper and stuffed some crinkle paper in.

My cupcakes were just a regular Oreo and two mini Oreos to make the Mickey heads on top.

This is the dinner table. Kept the food pretty simple. Popcorn, corn dogs, churros, M&Ms, soft pretzels, and nacho cheese. It's all stuff from the freezer section of the grocery store. Easy Peesey!

These were my steamers for in between my lights. Just a regular steamer, glued mickey faced on both side going down. Mickey faces were just made from two different size circle punches, punched from red scrapbook paper. I tied and glued a black bow on one to make it look like Minnie Mouse. I also taped some colored curling ribbon in my lights coming down for more color. So easy, and it was stuff I already had laying around the house.

Disneyland or Bust in February 2012!

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